Ministry Triangle

What’s a “ministry triangle,” you ask? Bill Walter from Church Growth Services has adopted this visual to show the dynamic components of ministry, finances, and facility issues when your church begins to consider a facility change.

The first leg is understanding your church’s unique ministry opportunity.

The second leg focuses on the financial aspect of performing that ministry and how finances influence facility changes.

The Third Leg: Facility
The third and final leg of the ministry triangle zeroes in on the facility itself. It’s often tempting to begin with the facility because it’s the most obvious. You look around on a given Sunday and think, “Wow, we’re running out of space” or “this church needs some updating.”

Bill and I challenge you to think about your facility after you have spent time considering ministry and finances. Some of those thoughts include:

• What’s the best way to reach a final building plan? Together we will examine several options and choose the best option.

• How do we “buy” construction?” We’ll show the most efficient way, including how to cut costs.

• How do we maximize our current facility based on our ministry and financial considerations?

We also will share the characteristics of a successful building project and even when NOT to build.

Remember that the driving force of any facility change is ministry: Facility goals always follow ministry goals.

Come to Our Roundtable
Want to learn more about the ministry triangle? Our next Roundtable Discussion will be held on October 21, 2014. It’s free, so consider joining us! Click here to register.

How can your facility help you be more effective in your ministry?

Enos blog photoAbout Enos Yoder:
Enos Yoder came to DJ Construction seven years ago as Manager of Business Development. He works very closely with churches not only in a contractor capacity but also as a facilitator, shepherding churches through the process of identifying their calling and matching that calling to facility needs. What inspires Enos most is “watching God change a life.” His proudest moments are witnessing his grown children make God-honoring decisions, and also doting over three beautiful granddaughters “that fortunately don’t look like their grandpa.”

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