Ministry Triangle


Bill Walter at Church Growth Services and I often present on the ministry triangle as a way to analyze church facility needs.

The first consideration should not be on the facility itself, but rather on ministry. I discuss this topic in my first blog on The Ministry Triangle.

Once you’re clear on the specific ministry areas to which God has uniquely called your church, then you can begin the discussion of finances, which is the second leg of the Ministry Triangle.

Why finances before facility? Because financial goals scale the building project.

Bill  shines in this area. He outlines some specific areas, including:

• Calculating the initial campaign goal

• The importance of getting church members to own the project

• Key components of a church capital campaign.

Bill then provides steps in each of these areas and shows ways of making a project affordable, including finding grant money.

All of this information is given at our bi-annual Round table discussions held at DJ Construction, or Bill and I together can meet with you.

If you want to know more, you can always shoot me an e-mail about either the Roundtable or about meeting with your leadership team.

Bill’s most important suggestion?


How has your church approached facility finances in the past, and is this an effective model to work from?

About Enos Yoder:

Enos blog photo Enos Yoder came to DJ Construction seven years ago as Manager of Business Development. He works very closely with churches not only in a contractor capacity but also as a facilitator, shepherding churches through the process of identifying their calling and matching that calling to facility needs. What inspires Enos most is “watching God change a life.” His proudest moments are witnessing his grown children make God-honoring decisions, and also doting over three beautiful granddaughters “that fortunately don’t look like their grandpa.”

You can contact Enos at: enos@, or by calling the office at: 574.533.1645.