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Once upon a time, all churches dwelt in safety and security. Adults and children alike could come and go without any concern for their welfare.

But that was once upon a time.

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Keeping Our Children Safe
We want everyone in all our churches to feel secure, and especially our children.

We want our children to learn about Jesus and his ways, to have fun with their friends, to sing and make crafts, without fearing for their safety.

What is your church doing to keep them safe and secure? Do you have a plan in place? How is the traffic flow within your children’s area? Where are your vulnerable points?

Lunch and Learn children special needs Ministering to Children with Special Needs
Children with special needs are equally vulnerable in our churches. They rely upon others to help care for them.

Is the church equipped to minister to our children who need special care and attention?

Lunch and Learn
If you are interested in exploring these topics for your church, bring your children’s ministry leaders and come to our September 30, 2014 Lunch and Learn event.