Clinton Frame Mennonite Church



Why Churches are Important to us

We are passionate about churches and ministry. In the grand scheme of things, we realize how many buildings we build or how much money we can make isn’t really that important. What we believe is really important is people in relationship with Jesus Christ. Changed hearts, folks loving each other, and compassion and grace undergird our vision. We love God, and we want others to love Him, too.

Helping to find ministry solutions to your churches’ changing dynamics.

DJ has a long history of working with churches around the Michiana area. We have completed over 60 church projects in the past several years.

At DJ, our passion is to help churches find the right facility solutions to their ministry challenges, not just build a building. As we strive to remain on the cutting edge of the issues churches face in today’s environment, we also understand that no two churches do their ministry the same way, and their building needs to reflect that.

Whether your church is dealing with overcrowding, an outdated facility, or finding a new place to call home, we can help you solidify your vision and identify the best route to reach your ministry goals.

As Certified Church Consultants, we think ministry takes the front seat over facility and finances. Before a new or renovated facility is discussed, we first talk about the vision for your church and how it is uniquely prepared to minister to its community.

DJ facilitates this process in several ways:

Not sure where to begin? Call us, and we’ll facilitate a no-pressure discussion. For more information, call 574-533-1645 or email Enos Yoder .