May 19, 2014

Written by Enos Yoder

Bill Walter at Church Growth Services came up with a brilliant idea called “The Ministry Triangle.” Whenever DJ Construction co-hosts a Round Table event, both Bill and I share in detail about what this is and how it influences facility decisions.

Ministry Triangle

According to this drawing, three components must be in balance as a church considers facility changes: The church’s ministry, the church’s facility, and the church’s finances.

A very typical scenario among church leaders is they’ll look around, think, “Hey, we’re running out of space” or “This church is old. We need a new building.” These thoughts are related to the facility, and then leadership quickly moves to the question, “How do we finance the cost?”

All of those questions are valid and important to ask. Bill and I challenge you to think about the Ministry leg of the triangle first. Questions you might want to ask include:

• What our church’s ministry objectives?

• How does our facility enhance (or hinder) our ministry objectives?

• What are the most important Biblical concepts our church stands for and tries to live out?

These questions, among others, point to the identity of your church, who you are and what you’re about. Once ministry objectives are clear, then we can look at your church building to determine if it is laid out in a way to help you carry out those objectives in the best way.

We’ll talk more about the facility and financial legs in the future, but for now, as your leadership gathers around the table, answer the above questions and see where the answers take you.

What are YOUR church’s ministry objectives?

Enos blog photoAbout Enos: Enos Yoder came to DJ Construction seven years ago as Manager of Business Development. He works very closely with churches not only in a contractor capacity but also as a facilitator, shepherding churches through the process of identifying their calling and matching that calling to facility needs. What inspires Enos most is “watching God change a life.” His proudest moments are witnessing his grown children make God-honoring decisions, and also doting over three beautiful granddaughters “that fortunately don’t look like their grandpa.”

Enos is a Certified Church Consultant and a member of the
National Association of Church Design Builders (NACDB).

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