It’s a blog! DJ Construction has officially entered the blogosphere. Why would we choose to enter a realm where an estimated 31 million bloggers already exist?
In short: Because of YOU. Three specific reasons include:
We want to share information that’s relevant and helpful to your ministry efforts. Whether that information comes from our national associations like the NACDB or local relationships like Church Growth Services; from our own study of trends and statistics, or whether we depend upon our decades of knowledge in the church growth industry, we want to touch on topics that speak to where you are today.
We also want you to talk to us and each other. A blog is a great way to get to know you and to have an informal discussion about ministry, facility needs, and other topics. Just place a comment in the comment box below each blog. We promise to read every comment.
We want the Church to succeed. In the grand scheme of things, we realize how many buildings we build or how much money we can make isn’t really that important. What we believe is really important is people in relationship with Jesus Christ. Changed hearts, folks loving each other, and compassion and grace undergird our vision. We love God, and we want others to love Him, too.

Initially, we will write one blog per month. We know you’re busy and don’t want to take up too much time. Also, we realize not every topic will be pertinent to exactly where you are in your discussions about church growth, but we do hope you’ll find some of them helpful.
Now, can you do us a favor?
Share with us! What topics are important to you? Also, please comment on our own topics.
Spread the word about our blog. We want to be seen as more than builders of churches. We want to link arms and partner in restoring the culture to the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
For the Kingdom…

Doug Wogoman, President
DJ Construction