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At DJ Construction, all of our successes or failures are measured by our 4 Core Values:

Integrity, Commitment, Relationships, and Excellence. Any success that does not align with our core values is not success at all. Please share with our team how you feel like we measured up to these standards, keeping in mind that if we didn’t deliver on one of our Core Values, that is something we want to know so we can correct or improve where needed.

We have included a brief description of what each of our 4 Core Values means to us, to help with your evaluation. Thank you for your time and any input you provide!

  • INTEGRITY – Honesty and trustworthiness toward all. Be accountable and take responsibility.
  • COMMITMENT – Give our all to meet our commitments. Work Hard.
  • RELATIONSHIPS – Be kind and treat all people with respect. Be a team-player.
  • EXCELLENCE – Highly-skilled and/or striving to improve. Act with professionalism.

Please rate on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest) how you feel we did on your project related to our 4 Core Values: