The DJ team brings a deep commitment and over 750 years of experience and knowledge to your project. Our team cares about serving you and doing things right, above all else.


Bob Schrock,
Jason Pippenger,
Lydell Troyer,


Management Pre-Construction
JC Schrock,
   Vice President/Warsaw Business Manager
Pat Gross,
   Pre-Construction Project Manager
 Enos Yoder,
   Manager of Project Development
Pete Garber,
   Pre-Construction / Project Manager
Matt Schrock,
   Manager of Business Development
Adam Tohulka,
   Pre-Construction / Project Manager
Mandi Juarez,
   Director of Brand Management
Jon Brown,
   Associate Estimator
Dustin Miller,
   Estimator/Project Manager Assistant
Brad Shroyer,
   Project Manager Assistant
Westley Smith,
   Estimator/Project Manager Assistant


Administrative  Service
Mike Steinau,
   Corporate Controller
Robb Huber,
   Service Group Manager
Tatyana Panchelyuga,
   Accounting Associate
Ruth Pletcher,
   Service Group Coordinator
Cindy Mockler,
   Exec. Administrative Assistant
Tim Troyer,
   Service Group Project Leader
Devon Yoder
   Service Group Project Leader
James Nagle,
   Associate Estimator
Dan Lynn,
   Service/Warranty Adviser
  Frank Stoffel


Howie Mathews,
   Project Manager
Lon Roth,
   Project Manager
Tim Guilfoos,
   Field Manager
Katie Hartman,
   Project Manager Assistant


Dave Adkins Steve Kammerdiener Marcus Poland
Brian Baughman Matt Kauffman Galen Rasler
Jan Burtsfield Jeremy Krull Jerrol Shaum
Lazare Cardell Jason LeCount Adam Sherman
Sean Dailey Bill Marvel Ian Simmons
Ken Eash Andy McDonald Eric VanVoorhis
Lee Gall Benjamin Miller Bryan Woodward
Corbie Garber John Miller Jim Yoder
Marcus Guilfoos Matt Miller Mike Yoder
Randy Herto Chris Ott