We choose to actively lead through each step of the journey, providing guidance and expertise to allow intelligent, informed decision making by our clients.

We lead our clients by first listening and then doing what we have promised we will do, always with the client’s best interest as our paramount requirement. 

This kind of client leadership by DJ looks like:

  • Providing ideas contrary to conventional wisdom. Looking at situations from all angles, not just the easiest one.
  • Being honest in our evaluations. It would be easy to hide facts or avoid issues that may not work to our advantage, but our commitment of leadership to our client means being factual and honest in all that we do.
  • Put in the work necessary to find solutions and provide information, not taking shortcuts, but being dogged in our pursuit of data and facts for our clients to allow them to make good decisions for their business.
  • Recommending solutions that may not involve new construction. Sometimes the best solution for the client may not involve building at all.

Our client’s tell us over and over again that DJ’s leadership is different than what they have experienced before and we take this responsibility seriously.