Zion Evangelical Church


What We Lead

DJ Construction believes that providing responsible and ethical leadership with integrity is an important component of any successful project.

DJ Construction provides a unique leadership philosophy to help our clients find successful solutions to their facility issues. Whether in advising, planning, construction, or solution generation, leadership and the role we play can take many forms:

Leading the Clients
We lead our clients by first listening and then doing what we have promised we will do, always with the client’s best interest as our paramount requirement. We choose to actively lead through each step of the journey, providing guidance and expertise to allow intelligent, informed decision making by our clients.

Leading our Teams
We actively lead our construction teams by emphasizing accountability, collaboration, and integrity in all aspects of our work. We treat all teammates with respect and value their input. We focus on finding solutions to challenges that arise, not assigning blame.

Leading the Process
Because each client and project is unique, we don’t lead our clients toward only one way of delivering their project. we tailor our steps to lead each client through the best process for their particular needs. We believe our leadership must be flexible and be shaped to the needs as expressed by the client.

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