Montieth Tire

Middlebury location

Project Types

DJ builds and renovates almost any type of commercial and industrial building. 

Some examples include:

  • Commercial – Offices, Banks, Credit Unions & Affiliated Branches, Retail, Hotels, Conference Centers, Condominiums
  • Industrial & Manufacturing – Production, Processing and Manufacturing, Clean Environments, Warehouses
  • Churches – Conventional Church Spaces, Contemporary Facilities, Fellowship Halls, Children & Youth Spaces, Gathering Spaces
  • Not-For-Profits – Support Agencies, Care Agencies, Social Service Agencies including Boys and Girls Clubs, Adolescent Group Homes, Transitional and Support Housing
  • Medical - Medical Office Buildings, Dentist Offices, Hospitals, In-Patient Treatment facilities
  • Senior Living – Assisted Living, Independent Living, Nursing & Critical Care, Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Educational – Middle School, High School, College, Non-Traditional Education Environments