Project Duration

We build projects that vary in duration from simply days to multi-phase and even multi-year.

The duration of a project can be affected by many factors such as size, complexity, and the importance of maintaining existing services during construction. An important aspect of a project is the planning and design phase that can impact the total timeline of a project. Because DJ understands the uniqueness of each individual project, we use our resources to accurately prepare detailed schedules per our client’s expectations.

Some of the different project durations we have been involved with include:

  • A 30,000 square foot not-for-profit facility built in 10 months but with a planning process that lasted 2 years and included a board approval process and fundraising
  • A 2,000 square foot renovation broken into 3 distinct phases completed over a 3 month time frame
  • A new roof at a local school that took only 4 weeks including pricing and installation completed by our Service Group
  • A retail store renovation, including an updated entry door, concrete walkways, and office updates within an 8 week time frame including design and construction
  • A 100,000 manufacturing facility designed and planned in 8 weeks and construction lasting less than 20 weeks

DJ will provide guidance throughout the complete process so that each project can be completed as efficiently as possible.