Laidig Industries

Completed in 2007

What We Build

At our essence, DJ Construction builds, renovates and services buildings, but what makes us different is that we also do so much more.

  • We lead, with a unique philosophy
  • We educate and share our knowledge
  • We provide service, both for your building and your business
  • We are passionate about churches and ministry

We can provide unbiased knowledge, leadership and expertise to assist your business. Our goal is to help you create efficient use of your physical environment.

We should be your first call when you have a question or need.

Whether your project is big or small, major renovation, or service, complex or simple, we’ll take you through a decidedly different building approach. What we build includes projects based on the following:

Project Types - DJ builds and renovates almost any type of commercial and industrial buildings—everything except single family residences.

Geography Served  We limit our geographical area to align with our company’s mission and culture by working roughly within a 1 hour driving distance from our Goshen and Warsaw offices.

Project Size  - We build and renovate facilities of all sizes, from large new facilities on a new site to simple renovations of an existing building.

Project Duration  -We build projects that vary in duration from simply days to multi-phase and even multi-year.

To learn more about the types of projects we build, feel free to contact Enos Yoder, Manager of Project Development, or Matt Schrock,  Business Development.

If you want to learn about “How We Build”, click here.