Three LEED Gold Certified buildings

Sustainable Design

Understanding how your facility impacts our natural environment and how you can make a difference.

Sustainability means fulfilling today’s needs while being mindful of tomorrow. In a world where buildings are depleting our natural resources at exponential rates, caring for and preserving these God-given resources is vitally important.

Seeking ways to reverse the trends of depletion and pollution is an important part of our mission at DJ Construction. Not only because it makes good business sense, but also because it demonstrates who we are and what we believe.

We understand that resource depletion and pollution threaten the future of our communities. That’s why we attempt to honor God by caring for the resources He has given us. We’re challenging ourselves to implement environmentally-conscientious procedures and practices both at our office and on our job sites. We can help you do the same.

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What is ‘Green’ Building?
LEED Certification