Sunset Harbor

Lake Wawasee - Completed 2008

Cost Analysis/Budgeting

Helping our clients understand the cost of a construction project from preliminary design to project completion

While it may seem simple to many, having an understanding of what construction costs is a very complicated endeavor. Every project is different because of a myriad of variables that construction entails. Our experience enables us to look at previous projects and make assumptions to accurately frame what a project may cost early in design. Accurate costs early in an evaluation process are critically important to a client’s decision making process. We use our tools to “size” possible projects so our clients don’t “out dream” their budgets.

We use a number of tools to educate our clients about possible costs including:

  • Using our 60 years of historical data to develop a significant database of projects and their costs that we can use to forecast for similar projects.
  • Value Engineering to continually looking at alternative methods and materials to maximize your construction dollars.
  • An understanding of the soft costs involved with building projects to help get a “full picture” of potential costs.
  • Understanding the importance of being accurate. Costing done with the goal of getting an owner to sign a contract does not serve anyone’s best interest. Our team strives to provide realistic ideas of costs to help clients make good decisions for their business.
  • Many times these early cost analysis steps point the client towards more cost effective solutions. Sometimes it may be less expensive and more efficient “not to build”.

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