Northridge High School - Java Ridge


Service Group

It’s one thing to build a building for someone; it’s quite another to stand behind that building after it’s done.

We understand the importance of taking care of our facilities needs even after the project is complete. During our warranty period and beyond, we have dedicated technicians to service our completed projects.

Whether or not DJ built the initial project, our service group lives in the details by completing tasks anywhere from changing out doorknobs or a broken window to relocating walls or building new entryways.

While DJ Construction is known for our larger projects, did you know that we also complete smaller construction projects on a regular basis?

While these projects may be smaller in size, they receive the same high standards that apply to all of our projects and include competitive pricing, a detailed scope of work, and a projected schedule.

To receive the expertise and professionalism your next project deserves, call DJ at 574-533-1645 and ask for Robb Huber or Ruth Pletcher, and they can tell you how we can help.