Service Emergency Issues


Q. I have a building emergency, who do I call?

A. Our service team is for true building emergency services. An emergency would include a structural failure impacting life safety, a water line break in the building or other significant issue that may cause additional damage if not dealt with quickly.

Please call our Service Team representative at 574-533-1645 to get emergency assistance.

Q. I have a roof leak in my building, who should I call to come look at it for me?

A. Call our Service team either Robb Huber or Dan Lynn to have a DJ representative come out and look at it for you. Depending on the current weather situation and the severity of the leak, it may not be able to fixed until the weather cooperates, but our team will evaluate the situation and propose solutions for you.

Q. I have a service issue in my building, but DJ did not build it. Will you still come look at it for me?

A. Our Service Team would be glad to review your service issue even if DJ did not build your project for you. We may recommend that you touch base with your original builder if it might be a warranty type issue. But our team will be glad to assist you in your service needs.

You can reach our Service Department at 574-533-1645 and ask for Robb Huber  or Matt Schrock.

Q. How long is DJ’s warranty period on your buildings? What does it cover?

A. The DJ warranty on our completed projects lasts for 1-year from the completion of the project. We do offer some extended warranty opportunities if the client is interested.

The DJ Warranty covers all workmanship and material for work performed under our contract for your new building and includes such things as door adjustments, drywall cracks and re-caulking.

Items not covered under the DJ warranty include normal wear and tear, damage due to forces of nature, or damage due to abuse.

Q. Do you do smaller projects, such as replacing a door or window that has been damaged or upgrading a building for handicapped accessability?

A. We build almost all sizes of projects. We have a Service Group that handles many of our smaller projects. We find that their systems allow them to move and adapt quickly while still providing the DJ level of quality and care.

Contact Robb Huber or Matt Schrock with our Service Group to learn more.