Twin City Baptist Church

Mishawaka, IN

Twin City Church Rebuilt

Twin City WSBT photo Damaged-church-torn-down

MISHAWAKA – April 13, 2015—November 2013 is a month that changed the face of Twin City Baptist Church when a storm moved through, compromising the church’s structure. Soon after, crews brought in equipment to demolish parts of the building.

DJ Construction broke ground August, 2014, on a new 16,350 sq. ft. two-story building and promised the congregation they would be in their new facility by Easter.

Twin City interior sanctuary

Today, the storm is far in the past, and the future is bright, as Twin City held its Easter services in its new sanctuary. The church dedicated the new area on Sunday, April 12.

Pastor Jerry Bell describes the time as one of “joy, blessing, and celebration.”

Twin City interior tray ceiling

Twin City interior stairwell

Special architectural features at Twin City  include a grand, two-sided staircase in the main lobby. The diamond-shaped sanctuary contains a tray, multi-layered ceiling that comes to a high point in the center, a feature Bell describes as having “an exceptional presence.” The interior also features dark mahogany panels combined with nickel hardware, giving the design a rich elegant look.

Other aspects of the project include new offices and classrooms with partition walls.

“We are very pleased with the overall construction of our new facility,” said Pastor Bell. “We observed a genuine respect for God’s house as DJ Construction built it.”

Now that the new area is completed, Bell says his church embraces the same resolve “of presenting God’s word and sharing God’s love.”

Bell said the church will soon begin a phase II project that includes replacing the hymn building.