Sugar Grove Church

Goshen, IN

Sugar Grove Church Expansion Nearing Completion

GOSHEN – April 8, 2015—Sugar Grove Church leadership has witnessed church attendance grow from an average of 425 individuals five years ago to over 900 today.

With so much growth occurring and their five services at seating capacity, the church broke ground on a much-needed expansion in May, 2014.

The church and community are now witnessing the culmination of the expansion, as the project will be completed mid-May.

Rick Gering, lead pastor at Sugar Grove, said the additional space provides a larger worship venue and more educational space, allowing for greater outreach to the community in the areas of recreation, students, and events.

Detailing the work, DJ Construction’s Adam Tohulka said part of the expansion included a new main entrance leading to a large commons area, which is also used as coffee/café space.

Families then access the new worship center from the commons area.

Sugar Grove Stage2

The new worship center was completed this past January, enabling the church to utilize the new space earlier than expected. It can hold upwards of 600 people, more than doubling the size of the church’s original sanctuary.

Sugar Grove Gym

“Dan Cripe of Cripe Design did a good job making the worship center both a place for worship as well as a gym,” said Tohulka. “It doesn’t feel like a gym until you need it to. The floor becomes basketball courts to use for recreation leagues. Awana, the mid-week children’s ministry, uses the space along with other groups.” DJ Construction recently hosted community developer Bob Lupton to speak to local church and not-for-profit leaders utilizing the new space.

Sugar Grove Youth

A new youth area has been created to hold the 140-plus students currently participating in student ministries. This area has its own sound system and stage.

The children’s areas were provided with additional nursery space, new classrooms, and improved check-in.

“The need for more space has been met…and we are committed to helping people reach up (worship), reach in (discipleship), and reach out (service),” said Pastor Gering.