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Saint Mark Missionary Church: Fashioning Existing Space into Form, Function, and Fellowship

MISHAWAKA – June 4, 2015 – Saint Mark Missionary Church calls its church a place “where friends become family.” The feeling is mutual toward the church on Bittersweet Road as DJ’s Service Group creates space for student ministries.

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Robb Huber, manager of DJ’s team working on the project, said, “I spent a lot of time with my youth group as a teen, and knowing this area is for that age group helps me think about the potential impact it will have for years to come.”

Saint Mark’s leadership, under the direction of lay leaders Dan Null, Jim Johnson, and Bob West, came to DJ looking for creative ways to utilize already-existing space for the youth. The area the teens currently use doesn’t allow for much separation between them and the rest of the church, said DJ’s Enos Yoder, certified church consultant & manager of project development.

Yoder helped the church turn their ideas into a reality of taking some empty space within their building and creating a functional but fun area for the teens.

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“The big challenge was to acoustically isolate this space from the nearby main sanctuary,” explained Yoder. “Imagination Pro Media suggested we build an acoustic separation wall.” DJ’s associate estimator James Nagle adds there are many aspects in building the wall that will help in controlling the sound.

“Church leadership has been at the ground level of this project,” said Yoder. “Their vision and knowledge really drove the project.

“This is an exciting time for Saint Mark as it moves its student ministries to an even greater level.”

According to Saint Mark’s website, the church was founded in 1962; due to growth, the congregation built a new church facility in 2003.

If you are interested in information about our work with churches, contact Enos Yoder, certified church consultant and DJ Construction’s manager of project development.

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