McCoy Memorial Baptist Church

Elkhart, IN

McCoy Memorial Baptist, DJ Construction Prepare for Project

ELKHART – April 29, 2015—McCoy Memorial Baptist Church emphasizes fellowship among churchgoers and the community surrounding its 134 St. Clair Avenue location.

In order to offer meaningful informal and formal gathering experiences, the church saw the need to add to its existing space and also renovate parts of its current building.

On May 3rd, pastors, leaders, and attendees will assemble together for the church’s groundbreaking and dedication of the physical changes.

Pastor Christopher Kocher, Pastor of Family Ministries, said, “This new facility, which will provide more classrooms, a secure children’s wing, and a large multi-purpose room, will impact and allow for growth in all four of our church’s core values: Exalt the living God, Explore the Word of God, Encourage the family of God, Extend the love of God.

“What we as a church are most excited about are the possibilities that this facility will unlock for us as we seek to ‘Extend the Love of God’ to our surrounding neighbors and community. “

Enos Yoder, manager of project development and certified church consultant for DJ Construction, said a 6,925 sq. ft. building will be added to the existing structure that will comprise a new multi-purpose room, a new expanded kitchen, two new classrooms, and storage.

“Fellowship is a key part of who McCoy is, and due to current space limitations, it’s been difficult for them to have good, meaningful get-togethers. The new building will handle a wide range of activities, from wedding receptions, concerts, and dramas to community, athletic, and educational events.”

The expected completion date of the addition is fall, 2015, with a renovation to the current building’s lower level immediately following.

That phase, said Yoder, will introduce churchgoers to an updated and more efficient children’s ministry area.

Throughout the planning stages, said Yoder, the pastoral team and church leadership have “carefully evaluated how to go about the building process and be good stewards along the way.”

Kocher summarized, “It has been a humbling blessing and a tremendous encouragement to see our church unite as one as we take this next step in ‘Building Ministry Together.’”

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