“Main Street” Coming to Greencroft Goshen

Neighborhood concept slated to finish 2015.

Greencroft  006

GOSHEN – June 11, 2014 – Goshen is getting a second “Main Street.”

This Main Street is more of a concept than an actual road, and it winds through a section of Greencroft Goshen which is being renovated and connected to the new two-story “neighborhood” additions currently under construction.

Since the healthcare organization and DJ Construction held a groundbreaking last August, the two entities remain focused on ushering in a new era of healthcare services for the Goshen area by introducing the “neighborhood” model in senior living.

The idea behind the new design is to create a stronger sense of home for residents with more choices and more opportunities to build relationships among residents and staff, according to Sandra Yoder, Senior Vice President of Healthcare Services at Greencroft Goshen.

“We’ve been talking about transforming lives in healthcare and that’s what this is about,” states Yoder. “There will be staff members assigned to each neighborhood who will give quality care while building ongoing relationships with our residents, just like a family would deliver care in their own homes.”

The neighborhood concept consists of a two story addition with each floor forming its own “neighborhood.” Neighborhoods will be comprised of two households containing 16 private rooms in each, with bathrooms; a common living room; a dining area and kitchen. The households will have their own front entrance and safe outdoor area. A total of 64 new rooms will be built.

The “Main Street” portion will host a café/coffee shop, library, beauty-barber shop, gift shop, exercise area, chapel, and more.

“The Main Street model will be awesome for the residents,” said DJ Construction’s Project Manager Adam Tohulka. “They will have an area where they all can gather, much like anyone visiting a regular downtown area with coffee shops and stores.”

Renovations to current healthcare areas, which were built in 1971, will blend into the neighborhood model. In spite of experiencing a very difficult winter, the new facility will open in early 2015, as originally planned.

“It was extremely challenging to start building in the middle of the worst winter we’ve had in 30 years,” said Tohulka. “That was our biggest hurdle. However, it allowed us to move ahead on the remodeling areas and now we’re gaining back lost time on the new construction.”

The project totals 97,200 sq. ft. of new and renovated space.

About Greencroft Goshen:
Greencroft Goshen creates dynamic living communities that embrace the creativity, contributions and challenges of aging for all, grounded in service excellence, compassionate care and Mennonite values. Its core values are Creativity, Respect, Openness, Fairness, and Teamwork (CROFT). For more information on Greencroft Goshen, visit: www.Greencroft.org, or call (574) 537-4000.