Granger Community Church Calls on DJ Construction

9,500 sq. ft. of EIFS upgraded on church exterior.

GRANGER – September 4, 2014—Roads aren’t the only things that deteriorate with Northern Indiana’s drastically-changing seasonal temperatures.

Buildings suffer as well. Fortunately, many issues can be corrected with some attention, as in the case of Granger Community Church’s (GCC) exterior wall covering system.

According to DJ Construction project manager Howie Mathews, the church on University Drive “had an EIFS system that was in dire need of repair. It leaked, birds had put holes in it, and the building needed something different. Fast.”

An EIFS is an acronym for “Exterior Insulation and Finishing System,” a type of exterior wall covering system that provides an insulated finished surface and waterproofing to parts of the outside of buildings.

Since GCC has worked with DJ Construction in the past, the call was made to the church construction contractor for this project as well.


In all, over approximately 9,500 sq. ft. of metal panels were installed over the existing EIFS around all exterior sides of the church, providing not only a weather-tight system, but also an aesthetic upgrade to the exterior of the building.


Now, the church displays black horizontal panels near the top of the building to significantly improve the appearance. DJ Construction also added stone around canopy pillars to complement the new look.

Doug Wogoman, president of DJ Construction, said this improvement marks the third project on which the church and construction company have collaborated.

The project was completed in July, 2014.

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