Gibson Gets Makeover

May 12, 2014

Company Gains Use of Entire Floor at Leighton Plaza

SOUTH BEND – Gibson isn’t filing its own claim, but it is making a statement.

That statement, according to Claims Manager Shawna Neilson, is that they will go to many lengths to better their customers’ experiences.

Even if it means having carpet delivered by a crane.

DJ Construction Company, chosen by property manager Bradley Company, renovated the Gibson offices inside Leighton Plaza, located at 130 South Main Street, expanding space to an entire floor.

Part of that renovation involved the lifting of the carpet onto the fourth floor offices by using a crane, according to DJ’s Service Project Manager Robb Huber.

Gibson, crane, carpet

“The carpet was in a single 160 foot roll,” said Huber. “It wouldn’t fit in the elevator, nor could we maneuver it up the steps. The crane was the best solution.”

The upgrades required completely gutting the space, expanding the area from 4,500 square feet to an entire floor of approximately 8,000 square feet, and creating more individual offices.

The project also included décor updates to create a more modern, welcoming feel to guests and employees.

“The renovation allows Gibson to have all of our South Bend-based employees together in one space,” said Neilson. “Having our employees together makes it easier to collaborate and service our clients’ needs.”

The renovation took less than two months for DJ Construction to complete.