Epic Church Solves Parking Issue

Epic Church, DJ Construction add 35,440 sq. ft. of space.

MISHAWAKA – July 22, 2014—When a church is growing, it needs more parking spaces, and when a church has more parking spaces, it will grow.

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Thanks to the partnership of Epic Church and DJ Construction, the congregation located at 3524 Harrison Road now has 35,440 sq. ft. of added parking area, allowing for 60 more parking spaces and two extra spaces for handicap parking.

The project included the expansion of the pond on the property as well as access sidewalks to the back entrances of the church. A second entrance to the parking lot also was created, allowing for better traffic flow from Oakside Road.

All the upgrades to the campus increase not only the aesthetics of the property and area surrounding the church, but also has the potential to attract more families to the church.