Mosaic - Division St. Interior

DJ Construction, Mosaic Complete Two Group Homes in Elkhart

Division St. home receives awards

ELKHART – October 9, 2014 – Mosaic, a faith-based not-for-profit organization, has recently occupied two more homes in Elkhart.

The agency collaborated with DJ Construction, the City of Elkhart, the University of Notre Dame, and numerous other entities to provide the homes, one of which is located in Elkhart’s historical district.

Robert Franco, Director of Construction and Facilities at Mosaic’s national headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, said Elkhart has been very supportive of the project.

“We truly enjoyed working with the City of Elkhart. They supplied some of the grant monies and gave us the property to help us serve the people with whom we work.

“The partnerships established between us, the community, and the families have helped provide a clean, safe, comfortable environment for the residents.”

In all, eight individuals will share the homes, with Mosaic staff supplying support.

Division Street
The first all new home was built on Division Street. It contains four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and contains approximately 3,789 sq. ft. of living space. The Green home includes high levels of insulation, energy efficient heating and cooling, and Energy Star appliances and light fixtures.

“This location was chosen a number of years back but had to be sat on for some time until things could be ironed out about how to classify the home,” said Franco. “JC [Schrock] was very patient and accommodating during this time. Eventually, everything worked out and the design of the home in the end is totally different from where it was in the beginning.

“The finished product is fabulous. Our residents are relaxed, comfortable, and very happy there, and I know from research their contentment is due in part to their surroundings in their new home.”

Home Receives Two Awards
Division Street home has received one award, with a second award soon to be presented.

On September 25, the Elkhart Historical & Cultural Preservation Commission presented the Outstanding New Construction Award to Mosaic’s local director Anne Marie Negri-Budzinski.

The second award, the Beautification Award, will be presented by the Elkhart Chamber of Commerce at Mosaic’s Open House on Thursday, October 30. The ribbon cutting, award presentation, and blessing of the home will occur at 4:30 with an Open House to follow until 7:00 p.m. Both Mayor Dick Moore and Chamber president Kyle Hannon will be on hand to present the Beautification Award.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with our community and the recognition of this wonderful project. We feel blessed that Mike, Mike, Lee, and Jim will live in such an amazing home,” said Negri-Budzinski.

Lawn Avenue
Mosaic and DJ Construction started on the renovation of a second existing home even while the first new build was yet to be completed.

The single story residence on Lawn Avenue contains 3,127 sq. ft., four bedrooms, and is also an improved energy efficient home.

JC Schrock, Vice-President at DJ Construction, served as project manager for the two projects, with Bill Leighton overseeing on-site construction.

“We at DJ Construction place a high value on caring for others, and in this case, we’re meeting housing needs for adults with intellectual disabilities. They deserve comfortable, functional, and beautiful surroundings and we’re glad to help provide it,” said Schrock.

“This project also allowed us to work with numerous local employees of Mosaic as well as Robert Franco and Sean Kelly from Omaha, and Scott Rappe of Kuklinski+Rappe Architects in Chicago. Networking with talented individuals who have a heart for serving others provides a rich, meaningful context in the construction world. Routinely seeing their care and concern for the wellbeing and quality of life of the residents made this one of the most rewarding projects in my career.”

About Mosaic:
Mosaic of Northern Indiana began providing services in 1986, opening homes and providing services in Elkhart and South Bend. With a regional office in Osceola, Mosaic serves communities in Elkhart and St. Joseph counties, providing services to 90 people. Nationally, Mosaic serves over 3,700 people through 38 agencies located in 10 states and more than 250 communities. Mosaic’s national headquarters are located in Omaha, Nebraska. The organization celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013.