Clinton Frame Church

Goshen, IN

Clinton Frame Project Nearing the End

GOSHEN – April 17, 2015—Less than a year ago, Clinton Frame Church and DJ Construction kicked off a huge project that included the renovation of almost 31,000 sq. ft.

Except for a few minor details, the project is now complete.

Lydell Troyer sees how the renovations affect the church in real-time, as the vice president of construction operations at DJ Construction also calls Clinton Frame his home church.

Clinton Frame hallway

“I think the church really sees all the changes as a way to reach deeper into the surrounding neighborhoods and foster a sense of community,” said Troyer.

Troyer observes the changes already receiving more community use, including:

Clinton Frame library

• The library, which has been moved to near the back side of the church. Said Troyer, “We have a lot of Amish who come to the library during the week. The new location is closer to their hitching post and so is more accessible.”

Clinton Frame cafe

• The “connections” space, which used to be the library, is now a café style area open during the week. “Anytime there are activities going on around the church, people are also in the café’ just to sit and visit,” said Troyer. He has also seen the young adults conduct their own Sunday evening worship service in the space that includes a small stage.

Clinton Frame gym

• The original sanctuary space was turned into multi-purpose space, but now is more of a gym. “We put a sport court on the floor that used to be carpeted, and we put up two basketball hoops. I think the church plans to utilize this during the week too, with volleyball leagues and such,” said Troyer.

One thing Troyer could not foresee at the beginning of the project is that the church would be used to host Revive Indiana, a movement that has attracted thousands of people in the area. Clinton Frame Church was used for training as well as weekend worship.

“The updates to the sanctuary have been incredible,” he said. “We hear a lot of compliments about the acoustical changes. It sounds totally different in there. We also added to the front of the stage, re-painted and re-carpeted, which all were challenging in the sense that you have Revive Indiana and regular church services going on. We had to renovate during the week one section at a time, and then move everything back in for services. That process [renovating in sections] has worked well.”

The DJ employee reflects the initial impetus for the changes involved the children’s area.

Clinton Frame kids hallway

“The children’s area is really what drove the renovation in the beginning,” said Troyer. “That area hadn’t been renovated since sometime in the ‘90’s. Now that area is more secure and much nicer with updated theming.”

Lon Roth was project manager for the renovation. “This project encompassed many details and components, but we enjoyed working at the church and with the people.”