29,267 Square Foot Addition Supports Job Growth

April 8, 2013

Carrera Custom Painting, DJ Construction Complete Expansion

Elkhart—Thanks to growth in the RV Industry, expansion by Carrera Custom Painting, and construction by DJ Construction in Goshen, 15-20 more people can find employment in Elkhart.

On March 15, 2013, DJ Construction completed its 29,267 square foot expansion project at Carrera Custom Painting located at 1101 Herman Street, south of Middlebury Street.

The addition allows Carrera Custom Painting, a sister company to Precision Painting & Interiors of Bremen, to grow its operation. The business specializes in custom painting of Class A motor homes and 5th wheels.

According to DJ Construction Project Manager Pete Garber, the addition provides Carrera with enough room to complete twenty units inside a building.

Said Garber, “The project went very well. All the subcontractors worked well together to make the project move quickly.”

The addition has a 40 foot offset to fit the property shape, resulting in multiple eave heights. The project also required vacating a utility easement and combining three properties into one minor subdivision.

Mike Leman, Co-owner of Carrera Custom Painting, said “This expansion has helped us to increase production and improve quality as well as the work space for our employees. Our workers have a much better facility in which to perform their tasks.”

Leman also confirms Carrera is hiring 15-20 positions at the Herman Street location.