A Message From Our CEO


As we enter the homestretch of a memorable 2014, we continue to look for ways to be even better in 2015. One of those ways is the introduction of our first E-newsletter, which also gives me this opportunity to “kick it off.”

This year has been filled with amazing opportunities as we move forward, as well as many reflections of our past and of those who got us where we are today.

To celebrate our 60th anniversary, DJ has been on a year-long celebration of our clients. Each week we have recognized a different relationship as we have counted down the top 60 clients in our first 60 years of business (check out “60 for 60” on our website if you’d like to know who they were).

Every client is important to us and a relationship that we value, whether they were represented in the top 60, or not. But the lunches and conversations that I shared with our top 60 this year, truly created a “walk down memory lane” for me, and further reinforced the values that cause us to do what we do.

Of course, another memory walk for me began with the loss of my dad in July. Watching him go through his last months with Alzheimer’s was hard, but his passing magnified many things I have to be thankful for; like him still knowing me to the end; having my arms around him as he entered Jesus’ presence; knowing that he had a relationship with Jesus that ensured him being in His presence; knowing that I was loved every day of my life; knowing that my dad believed in me!

Contrast that with the relationship void so many children have, and you’ll get a glimpse of what’s inspiring this journey we’re on to turn fatherless boys into faithful dads. DJ took a first step on that journey this year when we began an “Intro to Construction” class for the Crossing Educational Center. Now starting the third term, I’m looking forward to someday seeing graduates of the program stepping up and providing for their own families and following our guys’ examples of how to engage with their kids.

One of Dad’s last meaningful visits to DJ, which he founded (if you didn’t already know), was a year ago when we introduced our new brand and logo to the DJ team. He was visibly proud of what DJ has become, and I think he knew that his values had laid the culture that makes us “Decidedly Different.” In April we rolled out that new brand and logo publicly. A lot of work went into preparing for that roll out, and we couldn’t be happier with the response it has brought from those who know us. It has been exciting for me to see our entire team embrace it, and it has reassured to me that the DJ culture and values will be making us decidedly different in the way we do business for decades to come.

And oh by the way, while all of that has been going on, we’ve also been building a lot of great projects and new relationships this year. Thanks to all of our great relationships; our customers, our subcontractors & suppliers, and our great DJ team, who have made 2014 our biggest year ever!