The Crossing & DJ Construction Continue its Building Trades Course

The Crossing Educational Center & DJ Construction began an exciting partnership this past spring with the Buildings Trades program, and we are continuing that program this year.

Students who are signed up for the program spend three hours each day in academic programs; the remainder of their day is spent out in the field working on building projects.

The Crossing_DJConstruction

Bill Marvel holds a board so a Crossing student can practice his sledgehammer skills.

DJ Construction employee Bill Marvel teaches the course, oversees the project and mentors the kids, with DJ funding the cost of his time.

Students also visit DJ Construction job sites to observe different aspects of the construction environment such as setting metal trusses, framing, pouring concrete, and other skills.

This partnership among the different entities yields positive results at many levels.

The Crossing wins because not only do they receive a knowledgeable, helpful instructor at no cost (in Marvel), they also continue in their pursuits of helping to transform the lives of their students.

The win for DJ Construction is to potentially acquire future employees.

“What we’re telling these kids is if they complete the class successfully, a select number of them will be encouraged to apply for a job with DJ Construction,” said DJ’s CEO Bob Schrock.

Students win because they’re gaining valuable work skills, they’re being mentored, and they have an opportunity to acquire work after high school.

In other words, when a student builds houses, he’s also building hope.

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