The Life Center


Our Priorities

Our Mission Statement priorities demand us to focus on five essential elements that hold the key to our long-term success.

Regardless of our task or responsibilities, all members of the DJ Construction team are asked to prioritize these five key aspects in all that we do. These five priorities include:

  • Safety - Safety is one of our most important priorities. We constantly train and instruct our team in safety procedures and systems to keep our team safe.
  • Meeting Committed Schedules - Central to building a relationship is building trust. Trust is built by meeting committed schedules
  • Quality - Each project is our magnum opus, so performing superior work is very personal to everyone at DJ Construction. Because all of our work is within our local community, we can’t afford to have an unsatisfied client
  • Operating with a character of Honesty and Integrity - It’s so simple, but so important to our culture and our reputation: We expect that all of our employees operate in way that is very clear and leaves no grey area. We want to be honest in all dealings with people and do things right.
  • Giving honor in all things to Jesus Christ - Most of all, to understand a higher calling, that our earthly accomplishments really mean so little, but how we treat others can mean so much as we strive to live out the example of our Savior and give credit to the One who truly deserves it.