Comprehensive Dental


How We Share our Expertise

DJ places a high value on learning for the primary purpose of providing our clients with the best, most up-to-date information available. Sharing knowledge with others is a central part of our DNA.

Our ultimate goal is to help all of our clients and our community improve their operations through the sharing of this knowledge whether we build a building for you or not. Some ways that we actively share our knowledge for the benefit of all includes:

  • Actively Communicating – Sharing information, ideas and concepts throughout all phases of the planning, design and construction processes.
  • Workshops & Round Tables – Informational presentations by knowledgeable experts in their fields with group discussion opportunities
  • Lunch & Learns – Informal lunch with guests speaking about relevant issues and topics , followed by questions and answer sessions.
  • Blogs – Short articles regarding specific ideas or concepts about a wide range of topics related along with opportunities for comments.
  • Social Media – Updates on things going on at DJ or news items on building code issues or building maintenance and service items.

To learn more about some of our workshops, round tables and lunch and learns, please e-mail Matt Schrock or Mandi Juarez, or call at 574-533-1645.