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How We Lead

In construction, leadership can take many different approaches. Ultimately, effective leadership is about staying focused on our client’s needs.

How DJ leads is one of the ways we are Decidedly Different:

  • Our People who lead are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about their work, and they place honesty, integrity and serving their clients above all else.
  • Our Principles require us to never compromise our values in anything that we do.
  • Our Priority is our relationships with clients, treating all parties with dignity and respect no matter where they are involved with our team.

DJ believes that the critical components of our effective leadership include:

  • Accountability – Do what you say you are going to do. No excuses.
  • Actively Leading - Fostering collaboration, taking active responsibility and being accountable
  • Asking & Listening – Truly understanding the issues by openly interacting as a team
  • Client’s Needs First – Staying focused on what’s important to the client
  • Researching & Analyzing – Digging into all options to solve issues, thinking outside the box and challenging set ways.
  • Realistic Costing – Putting the time into accurate costing at all times. Better data = better decisions.

To learn more about DJ Construction’s Leadership and how it can benefit your business, please e-mail Enos Yoder, Jason Pippenger, or Matt Schrock or call at 574-533-1645.