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Plan & Spec

There are two types of plan & spec situations: Complete Documentation or Limited Documentation

Complete Documentation

  • The owner has hired a design professional to prepare a complete set of construction documents for bidding by multiple contractors.
  • The contractor does not become involved until the documentation is complete and ready for bid, thus eliminating any “value engineering” to take place during the design process.
  • Many public projects use this method of delivery.
  • Bids can be significantly affected by the quality of the documentation.
  • Many times, the owner must mediate disputes between the parties during the construction process.

Limited Documentation

  • The owner has some documentation prepared and asks multiple general contractors to “bid” on the work.
  • The challenge with this process is in defining the total “scope of work” for the project and whether the contractor has included all of the scope in his proposal.
  • The owner evaluates potentially complex “proposals for work” from multiple contractors and must decide who has covered all the necessary items at the best cost, typically a challenging review process.
  • Unfortunately the Limited Documentation approach leaves open many opportunities for lower quality construction and shortcuts taken during the design and construction process.

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