Nappanee Missionary Church


How We Build

“How” is just as important to our clients as the “what.”

Many companies can master the technical aspects of building, but how we go about doing things makes DJ Decidedly Different. Some of the “how” that we believe sets DJ apart includes:

We’re motivated to build each structure as if we were building it for ourselves.

In our 60 year history we have delivered over 5,600 projects in many different types of delivery processes. How we choose to build for each client is tailored to their particular requirements.

We establish a framework based on your objectives, and we build a structure of collaboration among the client, the DJ team, architects, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers. We will take you through a process tailored to your distinct needs and desires:

  • We start by listening and building a relationship of trust
  • Then we bring in the industry’s best employees and other experts to find the best solutions to your facility needs
  • Our assembled team works collaboratively, leading the client and the whole team through the construction process
  • After completion, we stand behind the finished product to assure satisfaction and proper performance

DJ Construction believes there are three main approaches to delivering construction projects, each with the capability to be tailored to each client’s unique desires and goals: