Q. What should we do to improve our children’s ministry area to meet the concerns of today’s family’s?

A. The first step is to come to an understanding of what those important concerns of today’s families are in bringing their children to Church. The newest issue is security and safety of their children. This is an issue that probably wasn’t even on most Churches radars 5 years ago, but it is something that is of utmost importance in a parents mind. Will my child be accounted for and be kept safe from any outside issues. Sometimes simple things like the condition of the room they meet in can add to a parents concerns if the room looks dirty or unsanitary.

Another important concern is “does my child even want to go” to the children’s programs offered. We all may remember the days of parents dragging their crying children to a Sunday School class and dropping them off with strangers for an hour or so. If your child throws a fit everytime, why would a parent want to make their children attend.

A next step might be to do a good hard look at your current children’s spaces for security and safety issues and to talk to some of your young parents to better understand what their concerns might be. If you would like to learn more, call or email our Certified Church Consultant Enos Yoder at 574-533-1645 to learn more.

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