Q. What are the biggest roadblocks to a successful Church building project?

A. There can be many roadblocks. The most important roadblock is making sure your Church Body truly supports the proposed project. Nothing can more quickly suck the life right out of a church is when the congregation is unsure of the reason for the project and does not understand what ministry opportunities might be gained. In that situation, the building committee who have worked hard on developing a project will be discouraged and it can create some significant divides within the Church body.

Can this and other roadblocks be avoided. We proper planning, they most certainly can. Our experienced Church team has been in these situations with many churches in the past and we understand the steps necessary greatly improve the success of a building committee as it works through a building process. Feel free to call or email our Certified Church Consultant Enos Yoder at 574-533-1645 to learn more about pre-campaign assessments possibilities.

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