Q. How does the building process work? Should I hire an architect before I contact a contractor? Who should I call?

A. Historically, the construction industry would say that the architect is hired before a builder. In today’s marketplace, that really is just not necessarily accurate. Today many high quality builders can lead you through a successful building project. But the biggest factor may really be the type of delivery process you want to use for your project.

Many times when you select your building partner, you are also selecting your process. An architect will normally lead a bidding process, in other words, they will complete plans and put them out for bid without the Contractors involvement.

A contractor on the other hand will more likely lead you through a more collaborative process with the Designer and Contractor both at the table working together for your project.

So it really depends on both who you might feel most comfortable with and which process you believe brings the most value for your project.

Go to this link to learn more about the different delivery processes available or contact Enos Yoder or Matt Schrock.

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